How to Select the Right Wood for Window Frames?

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Wooden Windows

Are you thinking to install the best types of window frames to give strong support, more charm, and grace to your home? If yes, then you are at the right place. We will discuss the most demanding, beautiful-looking window frames and further dig into the right type of material for them.

You must be aware of different types of window frames like; vinyl, fiber, and glass. They all are made up of different materials, which provide structural support to the windows. But nowadays, wooden frames are considered one of the best choices for windows because of their several properties. 

Your house would not seem complete unless you made the right choice in choosing the best kind of wooden window frame. 

Therefore, we will discuss the wooden window frames for your convenience and which wood is best for them. 

Why are Wooden Window Frames Always Preferred?

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As we already discussed, there are several types of window frames, and they all have different purposes, categories, advantages, and needs. The wooden window frames are regarded most demanding ones in the market nowadays. Why?? Reasons are numerous!

You must have observed by yourself that the material or furniture made by woods always appeal to us more. They create a cozy, soothing, and enticing environment, no matter wherever they are placed. In a self-same way, the window frames made by woods always appear beautiful, elegant, and charming. 

Now let’s take a look, what are the main reasons behind it! They are more preferred because they are,

  • Environment friendly
  •  Long-lasting material
  •  Adds more beauty and elegance
  •  Energy efficient

Types of Wooden Window Frames

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Now, as the importance and significance of wooden window frames have been highlighted, it’s important to discuss the types of woods commonly used in making window frames. The two main types are softwood and Hardwood. They both are contrary to each other in every respect. Both are reliable and trustworthy. It’s up to your choice, but of course, one has superiority over the other due to its benefits.

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These two types are mainly and widely used in making the supreme quality of window frames. These woods need painting and fresh coating on and off. Oak, Teak, Walnut, and Firs are a few of the most popular trees for making hard and softwood window frames. Even though Hardwood, as its name suggests, is more durable and sustainable but we can’t underestimate the importance and usage of softwood in window frames. It’s because they are cheaper in rate and available at reasonable pricing. 

Now let us break all the information related to types of window frames to easily choose which one will be more suitable for you. 

Window Frames Made Of Softwood 

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Softwood window frames are made primarily from pine, juniper, fir, and cedar. As you perceive from its name, window frames made by this wood are much softer and cheaper than the other type of Hardwood. It is suitable for small houses. Such windows need extra care and fresh coating all the time. There are a few species of softwood:

European Redwood: This tree gets very much affected by the weather in which it grows. Therefore, it is available in almost various colors. And it gives an enticing look to the frames which are made by it.

Larch: This tree is mainly grown at high altitudes and is brown. It gives quite a natural look to the window frames. And the things made by it are known as the most durable ones.

Red Cedar: This tree has natural resistance power to any decay and damage. Hence, it is used for making beautiful, strong, and sturdy window frames. Other most popular types of softwood windows are Douglas fir and Parana Pine etc.

Benefits of Softwood Window Frames

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Environmental Friendly

Wooden window frames made by softwoods are readily available as they are derived from fast-growing trees like fir and cedar. That’s why it is considered more environment-friendly.

Much Cheaper and Affordable

 Softwoods are considered a cheaper option than comparatively hardwoods. It is used in different casement styling of window designs and is preferable because it suits your low budget.

Most Sustainable

Softwood window frames are mostly installed in contemporary houses. Therefore, this type of wood is known for its more sustainability factor. 

Window Frames Made Of Hardwood (Oak, Walnut, Cherry)

Hardwood windows made by oak trees are top-rated and the most demanding in the market. The hardwood window frames are known for longevity, durability, and stability.

Oak: It is the most popular tree to make the most amazing window frames because of its light color wood. 

Walnut: Even though the most expensive one but the nature of this tree enables the architects to make lavish frames.

Teak: The sturdiest timber in the market, teak also creates a subtle charm because of its texture and shade.

Kwila: The most available wood in the Indian market, embellish your windows with formidable frames.

Cherry: To create a cozy environment, the red hue of cherry is the best hardwood choice for the supreme quality of wooden frames.

Other popular and widely used hardwood trees include Mahagony, Sheesham, Beech, Ash, Elm, and Birch.

Benefits of Hardwood Window Frames

More Durable 

These trees take more time to grow, but they are more durable and having trustworthy material.

Withstand the Extreme Weather 

They have more density, so considered the best conductor of heat, and are energy efficient. External weather does not produce a harmful effect on it. Because they are solid, they leave very little space for any air or heat to enter. 

Gives a More Elegant Look 

Window frames made of Hardwood adds more beauty to the decoration of the house. To make them more unique, and to add more authenticity, hardwood window frames perform very well in this regard.

Conclusively, it is proven after the expert’s analysis that it is safe to have wooden window frames. Furthermore, we all want to make our home more captivating, unique, and comfortable to live in. It’s not only about home, wherever you delve, your office, or any other place, you want it more pleasant. To enhance the beauty of the place, it is essential to consider the door and window frames. Go ahead, select the right wood and purpose for your classic window frame.

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