What Makes Teak Timber So Special?

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Raja and Raja | Teak Timber | Photo by Heru Purwanto

Teak timber is one of the world’s most valuable lumber renowned for its ability to withstand the elements of time. This greatly pleasing material is most significantly employed in medicine and various industrial and residential purposes. The pure beauty, grace, and unending appeal of the African teak wood cannot be overemphasized. Teak, botanically known as “Tectona grandis” grows mainly in India, South, and Southeast Asia, Thailand, and Malaysia. Although, it can also be found naturally or unnaturally in plantations around the globe today. India, being one of the best teak dealers has amazing quality teak wood for sale.

Teak timber ranked the most prevalent and hugely esteemed timbers in the world due to its texture, resistivity, and lastingness. It is indeed an awesome wood with wonderful qualities that can not be seen in an ordinary medium tree. Amazingly, it develops resistance to fire and all sort of parasitic organisms, even termites. In spite of all the mind-blowing attributes of teak, many people are still ignorant of it.

 Below are few engaging features of the African teak wood that will definitely catch you by surprise and even, perhaps convince you to penetrate into the world of teak.

  • Self-protection – The overflow of natural oils and resins enclosed firmly into the teak wood makes it grow resistant to fungi, bacteria, termites, etc. This compelling feature of the African teak wood enables it to withstand extended exposure to water, thereby rendering it the highest decay-resistance amidst all-natural wood products.
  • Amazing skyscraper – It is so engrossing how teak pokes out for the stars. Teak wood usually grows to a very impressive size of over 130feet (interesting, isn’t it?).
  • Teak is so magical; It does not break, chap, twist or deform, when in contact with metals!
  • Great Medicinal Property – Teak timber possesses unique medicinal properties. Studies reveal that the teak plant has antibacterial, antifungal, antiulcerogenic, antioxidant properties. Back in the days, it was commonly used to make tea due to its ability to mitigate pains. The gripping therapeutic properties of the teak plant are so numerous that, it could not be cited all in an article.
  • DurableAfrican teak wood is very strong and greatly durable,  implying that, it can withhold high pressure, break or impairment. This is due to its length of service.
  • Easy to maintain – Teak wood products are very easy to clean and preserve.

Where is it used?

Teak is commonly known for the many interesting advantages that it possesses. Teak wood has been an inherent substance for boats for decades! It is widely applied in

  • Shipbuilding; such as the decks
  • Outdoor garden furnishing
  • Exterior and interior flooring and paneling
  • Indoor framework beams and columns
  • Exterior construction
  • Turnings and Carving
  • Veneer; a thin decorative covering of fine wooden materials
  • Countertops, and many more.

The aforementioned usage is due to the exceptional durability and water resistivity of teak wood.

  • Another important benefit of teak wood is its amazing investment spectrum. Over the years,  teak has presented itself one of the best stock to venture into, if seeking a fast money-making deal.

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